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I re-launched my site at after being absent for a year or so. I’d revived my old blog, just to have a place to jot things down, but I realize how much I missed having my site at my domain without having ads making it look extra janky. I can do that myself, thank you very much.

Couple of updates:

I’m working through draft number four of FLOOD and it’s going pretty well considering I’m having to re-write considerable portions as I’ve refined the story yet again. I’m starting to think that writing full drafts of the novel to figure out the story may not be the most efficient approach.

To that end, I’ve got another novel in the works, a far-future science fantasy, and I’m working through a narrative outline on a manual typewriter this time around to give my brain the space to problem solve on the fly. The idea is to do a series of consecutive narrative outlines before going full novel on this thing.

I recognize there’s a risk that by the time I get to writing the novel proper, I’m going to be bored with the story. Somehow I doubt that’ll be the case, however, because it’s the details that really bring things to life, those interconnections between place and person and events.

I guess I’ll find out!

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