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I Never Set Out To Be A Collector

Typewriters! In no particular order, these are the typewriters I’ve found since February: This list comprises the typewriters I’ve acquired since my lovely spouse pulled the 1949 KMG out of a pile of stuff bound for the landfill. Outside of the ill-fated attempt to collect beer bottles when I was a kid, I’ve never been …

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How Many Typewriters Is Too Many?

Maybe it’s just a rhetorical question. So much of the fun of collecting anything is the hunting and finding. Once you actually own it, there might be the fun of getting it up and running, tinkering and cleaning until you can pound out some words without a whole lot of futzing. And then it’s on …

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Typecasting Test

So I learned something tonight with my first attempt at typecasting: I need to scan the piece in color. I had the date (August 28, 2023) and the model and year of typewriter (1949 Royal KMG) typed in red and lo and behold those did not come through with the black and white scan. I …

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1882 city map of Denver, Colorado

Leaving Denver

I’ve spent the last three days in The Mile High City or the Queen City of the Plains or Wall Street of the West. Thank you Wikipedia. Turns out I’m getting out just in time. Taylor Swift and the New York Yankees have converged on Denver. There are sequins and pinstripes everywhere. At any rate, …

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migrating bird swarm

Back Home

I re-launched my site at after being absent for a year or so. I’d revived my old blog, just to have a place to jot things down, but I realize how much I missed having my site at my domain without having ads making it look extra janky. I can do that myself, …

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a streetscape in Ostuni, Italy


The immortal Rick Steves said this about traveling to Naples, Italy (probably Naples, Florida too): “If something’s not to your liking, change your liking.” After reading his Italy guidebook before traveling there for a friend’s wedding in 2016, I think about these words more often than is likely healthy. On the one obvious hand it …

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