Word Proliferation

I just subscribed to Jay Lake’s blog and have to say that his ability to crank out words stunned me. I’m more of the 500-1500 words a day kind of guy. One of my favorite books on writing, Stephen King’s On Writing, although he usually shoots for 2000 words a day, he suggests first time writers shoot for about 1000 words a day. I used that as my model when I began writing my first novel this April.

Jay Lake is pumping out 4500 words in two hours. The man is an inspiration. Thanks Mr. Lake. You’ve provided impetus to get my ass back to the  laptop tonight and see what I can do.

In contrast, there’s Mr. James Joyce:

A friend reportedly once asked James Joyce how his work was going. “I got seven words today,” Joyce replied.
“But James, that’s good … at least for you,” said the friend.
“Perhaps … but I don’t know what order they go in!” he cried in despair.

Good times. That one always makes me chuckle.

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