3 Tips for Finding the Inspiration to Write

Image by Fiona Art.

Tip 1: Start writing.

Pretty boring, right?

Maybe, but showing up gets stuff done. Few things are finer than seeing the words and pages pile up over time.

Without showing up, I wouldn’t get to enjoy one of my favorite experiences: Printing out an entire manuscript knowing I’m going to read through to discover what will make it to make it better.

Tip 2: Summon that feeling.

When I’m lying in bed in the dark at 6AM, especially this time of year, I recall that rush and fascination of losing myself in the writing.

I remember how many times the dread of writing cannot stand before the actual act. Also, I’ve never regretted a writing session, even if the words didn’t come easily.

It makes it a lot easier to get out of bed for something you look forward to.

Tip 3: Embrace the challenges

I’ve been writing for 13+ years and still want to keep writing.

For me, that means always trying to get better, whether the mechanics of how I write and edit, or the style or the way I make my words say what I want.

Every day presents new, sometimes unanticipated challenges. I think of it as problem solving, knowing that if I put the time in, I’ll figure out a satisfying path forward. It might take days or weeks, but it will happen.

Bonus Tip!

Be kind to yourself. Goals are good, but life happens and there are many paths to the same place.

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