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Writing Standards?

I’m an avid reader of fiction writing sites such as Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America or any of the blogs on my blog roll. I can’t get enough of learning how other people write, what elements make for good fiction, character development, etc. The more I read this stuff, though, the more it …

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Working Title and Short Synopsis

Just got ’em up this evening – check ’em out to the right. Now I have something to tell those who ask. If you have any feedback, feel free to post.

Still going…

I’ve been able to do at least 2,000 words over the last three days. It definitely seems to help that I’ve gotten over the middle of the first draft hump and the story’s direction is focused. I’m a-hoping I can keep it up. I’ve actually been able to really get some good flows going using …

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Nugget of Truth

Came across this from Bibliophile Stalker.  I dig this particular Q & A from this Robert Freeman Wexler interview: In your own words, how would you describe your style of writing? Or is Robert Freeman Wexler his own sub-category? Every interesting writer is their own sub-category, and every interesting writer has been influenced by a …

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Ramping Up Production

Last night, in between fitful sleep, I decided to shoot for 2000 words/day and see how it plays out.

Write, write, write

I’m coming up on 60k words today. I feel like I’m finally on the downhill side of the story, if only just. Things are beginning to come back together and the end of the first draft is in sight. I’m amazed at the changes that have already taken place from the original premise, but have …

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Music to Write By

I like me some music. All kinds. But, I can only write with instrumental music playing, preferably at a low volume. If there are lyrics, I’m sunk because they divide my attention keeping me from immersing myself totally in writing. I usually write to a nice mix of soundtracks from Lord of the Rings, Gladiator, …

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The Search for Inspirado

I’m taking a little break. I just worked out about six hundred words that aren’t horrible and I felt like telling someone. Of course I’m assuming that someone might actually be reading these posts. I’m all about the fantasy. I’ve read a number of places (Steven King’s On Writing and Orson Scott Card’s How to …

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Back in the Saddle

I had really hoped that our two week trip to Maine wouldn’t prove too much of an interruption. I thought I would write more. I was wrong. We rolled back into WV last night and I am back in my dedicated writing space today. It’s a 10×10 shed that I wired, insulated and paneled. We …

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Of Northeastern Islands

We arrived on Mount Desert Island, Maine (close to Somes Pond on the map) last night after leaving Long Island, New York yesterday morning. “The Island” is home to my Uncle Eddie, who collects and sells books on ebay. As we left he hooked us up with a box of books including Cervantes’ Don Quixote,  …

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